About Us

MedLife engages and empowers the individual in their health and well-being.

“This is the future of medicine”
– Bryan Johnson, MD Internist

medicine, technology and people concept - close up of doctor holding tablet pc with graph on screen

As a Hand Surgeon for over 25 years, Dr. Charles E. Neagle III, M.D. was always concerned by the lack of engagement the majority of his patients had in their health.

“An individual’s active participation greatly influences their health and wellness and lowers health costs”
-P.Ho, AHA Circulation*

The future of healthcare in the United States is cloudy with current spending at $3.4 trillion annually and an aging population that will continue to push these costs higher. Medication non-adherence/under treatment, medication interactions and obesity combine for an estimated $458 billion of cost annually. Numerous clinical studies demonstrate that both improved consumer and provider engagement improve outcomes and lower costs. Based on these scientific findings, Pharmalto has developed MedLife Connect to engage the individual, family, provider network and first responders to improve the population’s health, create provider efficiencies and save money.

Our Mission

Pharmalto provides society with the health engagement and connectivity needed to complete the last mile in healthcare. Solutions that enable people to be healthy for themselves and for those they love. Team members are challenged to imagine, create and innovate. Healthcare value will be achieved by changing the medical paradigm from reactive to proactive, episodic to continuous and increasing consumer participation.