The Pharmalto MedLife Solution Suite


mobile application works on iOS and Android phones.

It allows you and your family to build a lifelong, cloud based, medical history with up to date biometrics, medications and reminders. Forty four million people serve as caregivers so being directly linked to your loved one’s daily health is convenient and gives you peace of mind. Medication interactions are a top 10 leading cause of death affecting over 4 out of every 1000 individuals. MedLife has a physician grade medication and supplement interaction screen available to you at your fingertips. MedLifeID allows first responders to access vital up to date information in an emergency. This expedites emergency assessment of you or your family member.


Connect is a technology that actually makes it easier for you to take better care of your patients more efficiently.

You can provide the value that the payers and HCAHPS demand. Set your practice apart from others in your area. Grow your practice and offer a concierge experience to your patients.

Risk Sharing Participants

Profitability of one-side and especially two-sided risk contracts require provider organizations and hospital systems to adopt a preventative instead of reactive treatment model.

These organizations need to create provider efficiencies , change from episodic to continuous care and achieve improved patient and provider engagement. MedLife Connect provides continuous connectivity between the physician and a patient’s up to date information. It also supports pharmacy reconciliation, detects disease and monitors treatment adherence and efficacy.

Chronic Care Management Programs

An estimated 35 million consumers qualify for CMS’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) program.

However less than a million consumers currently participate in a CCM, Thus, CMS continues to modify requirements and reimbursements to accelerate adoption. Let our attention to compliance requirements and easy user workflow make your program a success for you and your patients. Turnkey solutions with staffed call centers are available.

Increase your CCM enrollment to 75% with our proven engagement process.

Remote Patient Monitoring

The 2019 CMS Physician Fee Schedule enables providers to manage and coordinate care at home using remote monitoring.

Actionable information is delivered to the care team 24/7 including biometrics, medication adherence and the effectiveness of treatment. Easy to use documentation tools ensure easy workflow.

Readmission prevention programs

Hospital readmission for both medical and surgical diagnoses are persisting in the mid-teens.

Vital to the reduction of these rates is the ability to monitor post discharge patient adherence and how well outpatient treatment is proceeding. MedLife Connect provides the sticky consumer engagement and connectivity to the provider network needed to avoid readmission and improve HCAHPS scores.

Corporate Health and Wellness (HWP) programs

SHRM has reported in a large review of multiple HWP programs that disease management yields a superior ROI.

The MedLife app provides many health related features to the employee. A complete turnkey SAAS solution for those organizations with a medical infrastructure, MedLife Connect provides a truly innovative approach to support disease management. Corporate, public and private challenges encourage team building and personal wellness achievement. Ongoing screen and preventative intervention assist your team in their journey.