Pharmalto for Providers


Frequently, providers have no data between patient office visits to determine treatment effectiveness and lack the objective data required to determine the patient’s compliance to the prescribed treatment plan while they are in the office.

Promoting communication between patient and doctor.

“Pharmalto has been chosen to the list of 20 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers 2017 by CIOReview magazine based on its expertise in providing innovative healthcare solutions and the ability to engage people in their health and delight customers by facilitating strategic relationships, services and value of investment”.

Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview

The increased time demands of Electronic Health Record (EHR) standards, governmental regulations and third party payers along with the downward pressure on reimbursement rates have diminished the health care provider’s ability to optimally treat their patients.

As pay for performance and treatment outcome data initiatives gain traction and as tools to determine a provider’s quality of care and potentially influence reimbursement, there is a growing need to engage the individual in their health and well-being.

The MedLife TeleHealth solution connects the health care provider to their specific patient’s Medicine-Vault – their dedicated health information repository securely accessible in the cloud. This allows the 24/7 automated monitoring of health and activity sensor data, medication compliance, nutrition and engagement in wellness activities.   The provider is only notified when anomalies or actionable data, (determined by the provider), is detected in their patient’s Medicine-Vault. This facilitates preemptive intervention which avoids complications, more costly treatments and decreases hospitalization. Improved compliance with a comprehensive treatment plan improves treatment outcomes and lowers its cost.