Health & Wellness Programs

We encourage employees to engage in corporate health and wellness programs

Pharmalto is helping companies of all sizes engage and motivate their employees to take charge of their health and well-being. Pharmalto elevates Heath and Wellness Programs (HWPs) because it’s fun, easy-to- use and delivers results for your employees and your company.

MedLife is the Comprehensive App for Health and Wellness Engagement

Health + Activity + Nutrition. Download only one app to manage your health and well-being.

Track and manage biometrics, medications, supplements, medication compliance, drug interactions, medical conditions, vaccinations, emergency contacts and your health history. Integrate with iHealth for storing your health vitals. Set-up, view and help support other family members and get them to engage.

Start moving, record exercise activity and integrate with Fitbit. View daily, weekly and monthly progress. Get motivated using exercise videos by a certified trainer. Use health calculators to plan your diet and fitness plan and be healthier overall.

Eat and manage a well-balanced diet. Scan labels, search and save your favorite foods. View nutrition facts, breakdown and daily/weekly logs. Healthy eating means making smarter dietary choices—managing what you eat, how much you eat and the food combinations you eat. Help manage and prevent diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Human Resources can easily manage corporate challenges using our Health and Wellness Engagement Portal with your corporate logo. Employees can engage in corporate and personal challenges and even use social media to challenge friends and family. Set goals, motivate and reward your employees with incentives to encourage participation and improve employee health status.

Create an Overall Health Experience for Your Employees

Corporate wellness programs are a trend positively impacting your employees, productivity and reducing your health care costs. MedLife is the ideal addition to these HWPs because it is the only solution letting employees and their families manage their health, activity and nutrition in one, comprehensive mobile app.

Research indicates employees engaged in an HWP are healthier, happier, and more productive—so get contact us and start getting your team engaged, healthier and happier using MedLife!