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  • Hi-Trust and HIPAA-compliant
  • Employee contact tracing, exposure notification
  • Health, work recommendations
  • Fast and easy enrollment
  • Fast and completely-contactless temperature checks
  • Assessments, biometrics
  • Control liability exposure
  • Secure: encrypted, two-factor authentication
  • iOS and Android COVID-19 apps
  • Intuitive organization dashboard with key analytics
  • OSHA, CDC, institutional databases

COVID-19 Workplace Management Solution

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COVID-19 is a coronavirus that is new to the world; there is no natural immunity or available vaccine.  The World Health Organization has declared a pandemic for this virus.  With the lack of immunity, public health measures are the only effective tools available to help control the Pandemic.  MedLife’s COVID-19 management solution incorporates these public health tenets.

On average, every person who becomes COVID-19 positive infects 3.6 people.  Transmission can happen before symptoms, or temperature is noticed, and occur up to 14 days after the initial exposure.  Every undetected person can cause 45 infected contacts within 15 days.

OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) General Duty Clause, section 5. (a)(1.), requires that “employers provide their employees with a workplace free from recognized hazards likely to cause death or serious physical harm.”  State plans, approved by OSHA, may have different or additional standards.  Also, there is momentum among the legal community to file COVID-19 related claims against employers that bypass the workman’s compensation statutes to expedite claims, increase awards, and obtain a jury trial.

To return to “business as usual,” every organization needs a comprehensive COVID-plan to proactively manage the health and safety of their employees and work environment.  Contact MedLife now and avoid the drastic consequences of COVID-19 in the workplace.

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