The Benefits of Pharmalto for Health Insurance


Medical treatment costs continue to rise. $337B is wasted annually because of noncompliance and under treatment. Patient engagement in their health is critical to better outcomes and cost containment. Drug diversion and medication selection account for an additional $72.5 and $55B of annual waste.  Pharmalto’s patent-pending patient engagement platform targets these causes of waste. How? Through a robust mobile application with a wide range of options and features that motivate members to better engage in their health and welfare using...

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Pharmalto for Providers

Promoting communication between patient and doctor. The increased time demands of Electronic Health Record (EHR) standards, governmental regulations and third party payers along with the downward pressure on reimbursement rates have diminished the health care provider’s ability to optimally treat their patients. Frequently, providers have no data between patient office visits to determine treatment effectiveness and lack the objective data required to determine the patient’s compliance to the prescribed treatment plan while they are in the office. As pay for...

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